Creativity will always be our super power, but data is our compass.



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We all love that scene in The Wolf of Wall Street. Some will even push the pen analogy to their grandmother, but what does
Actually, I didn’t. I evolved into being a growth hacker. Being a logical problem solver, fore-mostly inherited from my early days in computer science studies.


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We make your business thrive through growth hacking techniques inspired by our collection of distinct disciplines. We merge business logic with STEM logic to enable accelerated evolution in each and every context. LEVENTO’s guiding forces are determination, consistency and foresight.

LEVENTO’s services are business-to-business intended. We occasionally serve the influencer community and we never take on opportunities if we don’t understand “the why”. We pleasurable serve NGOs and NPOs for social good. Some of our creatives have strong ties in the info. sec. community but we don’t serve the private or governmental intelligence community as we don’t believe in the politics of such organizations as they do not serve “the why” in a transparent manner.